Grand R, grand charm
Le Grand R is a private estate situated approximately an hour from Montreal. It offers architecturally unique "habitats" that are built with attention to the smallest detail and respect for the environment along with a Club formula. The Club R has been designed so you can make full use of the property's facilities and surroundings.

Located on the shores of Lac Bouillon, in a 2,500 acre (750 ha) private park and offering a view of Mont La Réserve, Le Grand R's enchanting location offers natural tranquility while providing easy access to numerous services, sporting and cultural activities.

The Savoyard-style "habitats" will include around 84 fully modular units divided into a hotel zone and a condominium area that will be build remotely to ensure its calm. It will have a maximum of 48 units once completed. Located a few steps from Club R, the owners will be able to take advantage of the various optional services (unit rental, concierge, sports equipment maintenance, etc.). They will also have privileged access to a gym, pool, beach and restaurant services, and enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities.

Grand R, grand living
The "habitats", ranging from 455 sq. ft. to 1,370 sq. ft (42.3 m² to 127.3 m²), are priced between $162,000 and $409,000. The layout of each modular unit can be arranged to your tastes and needs, horizontally and / or vertically.

With abundant use of wood and natural lighting, Le Grand R's various units provide an environment that is magical, modern, functional, and of exceptional quality. The location of each unit was studied in detail in order to offer an optimal view of the wide outdoor panorama (lake and mountains) and magnificent sunsets.

To accommodate your guests, the site also includes a hotel section, comfortable refuges in the countryside and luxurious chalets. During their stays your guests will enjoy your Club rate.

Grand R, grand beauty
At Le Grand R, you will enter into a unique natural environment, where nearly 85% of the land will be left unspoiled. Several efforts have already been undertaken to enhance the site's natural beauty: clean-up, reforestation and restoration of creeks and dikes, and development of cross-country and hiking trails. This private park offers you full freedom for you greatest enjoyment.